3D Laser Scanning

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3D Laser Scanning

How does it work?

3D laser scans steer beams throughout spaces, where 3D objects deflect them. A laser rangefinder records deflection distance to quickly and accurately capture surface shapes. Finally, state-of-the-art software admixes, or combines, multiple surface models from different viewpoints, to construct a virtual 3D model.

As-Built Blueprints

The Benefit of Virtual Scans

Lasers make no mistakes, and laser scanning can provide the most reliable and versatile floor plans available. Laser documented as-built blueprints provide a quality view of the general floor plan along with full integration into 3D virtualization of the entire construction project.

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Drone Documentation

Capturing Job Sites and Offering a Birds-Eye View





As a contractor, traditional 360 photo documentation seemed like the holy grail of worksite documentation. However, after seeing the usability, versatility and accuracy of 3D laser scanning, I can’t imagine completing another job without Newstone involved.

JB Developers

Newstone’s laser scans helped me  update and renovate my home with ease. With the online access to my home’s virtual blueprints and scans I can see beyond eyes reach. Now anytime I want to work on my home, I can do so confidently knowing I won’t be hitting any pipes, electric lines, or framing in my walls.

Moshe K