State-of-the-art technology

We help businesses minimize the time, effort, cost, pitfalls and stress that on-site real estate, insurance and construction professionals have dealt with for centuries.

Save time, money, effort and resources

Three dimensional laser scanning technology

has only recently penetrated the real estate


Three Dimensional (3D) Laser Scanning

Drone Documentation

As-Built Architectural Floor Plans 


Our team turns real-world 3D spaces, such as properties, buildings, construction sites, homes, businesses, and resorts, into practical, exciting virtual experiences.

Newstone Virtual Realty offers numerous solutions to quickly and inexpensively create a digital 3D model of any physical space.

Who Uses 3D Technology?

Property owners and developers, builders, contractors, investors, marketers, facilities managers, insurance adjusters, homeowners, realtors entertainment and hospitality business owners.

The Newstone Promise

Newstone precision laser cameras, software, and professional talent  provide customers with well-organized, top grade: 360° laser scans, Virtual tours, PDF & CAD plans, measurement certificates, 3-D drone fly-over surface scansFull project time lapse videos and object tagging capabilities.

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